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LiquidGooey® (lik'wid-goo'ee) n. 1. Liquid Graphic User Interface 2. Content that is thick in substance and displays strategic flow. adj. Interface having a flowing quality without harshness or abrupt breaks.
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Liquid Web Design
Utilizing the latest in interface design, LiquidGUI designs using CSS, HTML5, jQuery, PHP/MySql and more.
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Liquid Print Design
From business cards to marketing post cards, expo banners and product catalogs. For individuals or small businesses.
Liquid Resume
Some information about me, my experience and the tools I use to get the job done.

LiquidGooey® Graphic

Liquid Graphic User Interface (GUI)

LiquidGUI specializes in data driven websites and marketing materials for individuals and small, medium and large businesses.

We believe that websites, regardless of their function, should be fluid, strategic and easy to navigate.

Your website is more than a calling card, it can be utilized as a tool to help you more easily deliver your product or service to your clientele while gathering critical information.

LiquidGooey Graphic utilzizes the most popular tools in order to deliver the latest trends. Tableless CSS, jQuery, PHP/MySql, javascript and Adobe Suite are only a few of the tools we use to craft your desired website. We also specialize in streaming both live and compiled video.


Liquid Graphic User Interface BLOG

LiquidGooey Wins W3 Award

Erik Summers Monday, February 17, 2014LiquidGooey Graphic has received the W3 award in interface design for there development of Facefinder.com. Facefinder.com is a free talent portal for models and actors, both seasoned and just starting out.

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LiquidGooey (LiquidGUI) Wins International Award

Friday, February 21, 2014

International Innovator Award to head designer of LiquidGooey Graphic...